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We're back for the third Crispy Cat Calendar! Introducing the 2024 cats in space calendar in my new style! Includes US, Canadian and brand new Cat Holidays!

2024 Cats In Space Calendar

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  • Details:
    • 8” x 8” inches - when opened the total size is approximately 16 inches
    • Spiral Bound

    Art by the month:

    January - Meowetor showers 
    February - Love is in space 
    March - Let's pawtner up and explore!
    April - In the Galaxy, there are two cats...
    May - Shooting Stars & Paws Bizarre!
    June - 3...2...1, Take Off!
    July - UFO Take Over 
    August - Rainbow Road just got better
    September - Cats in constellations
    October - Planet Yarn
    November - Satellite Sassiness
    December - World Domeownation!

    Also Includes:
    • 2024 Overview 
    • Special page for notes & other important dates!


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