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Inquiries & Payments

  • All prices are in USD

  • Prices could change in the future

  • 100% of the amount agreed upon is due upfront before the start of the project. Payment is only accepted through PayPal at the moment. You must sign a contract stating you understate the terms and conditions as well.

  • All communication must be through email ( It helps keep everything organized. Please do not message me on social media regarding your inquiry.

  • I will not draw: NSFW, Gore, NFTs, Furrys

  • Pieces will only be done in my art style. I will not be taking requests that copy other artists - that's stealing and that's not okay.

  • I have the right to refuse or cancel your order if I am uncomfortable with your request.

Process & Revisions

  • Turnaround time may take between 1-2 weeks depending commission complexity. Please send any references you have of your cat(s) once we get started! I want to make sure I am drawing them correctly.

  • I will send a sketch over email so you have the opportunity to edit or make changes to the piece before I start the final piece.

  • You will only have 3 revisions for each project, there will be an extra charge if you decide to make more revisions.

  • Once the coloring process starts, only minor edits can be made moving forward.

  • Refunds can only be made before coloring starts

Final Product

  • The final product will be a digital download (PNG) that will be sent directly to your email upon completion.

  • If I quoted a physical print for you, it will be sent out 1-3 business days from the completion of the project.

  • For physical prints:

    • US shipping can take anywhere from 3-10 business days

    • International shipping can take anywhere from two weeks to a few months.

    • I am not responsible for sending orders out to the wrong address nor will I be making changes once the order has shipped.

Image Use

  • Please do not sell or redistribute the artwork. They are only available for personal use only.

  • These commissions may be displayed on my social media pages, website, and/or portfolio. Please let me know if you are uncomfortable with me displaying your commission piece.

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